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Project Description

DotNetNexusSpam is an email spam filter designed to work with the Mail Enable. It searches for spam phases and then tags the subject or deletes the email off the server. Spam phases can be emailed directly to the spam filter and it will add it to the spam phase list.

Nicholas Vella runs a hosting business in Sydney Australia. In 2006, disappointed by the lack of spam filtering offered bu Mail Enable, he decide to write a small utility to help him filter spam with the following functionality:
  • Search for spam phrases in plain text body, HTML body and subject.
  • Load spam phrases from standard text file.
  • Delete spam emails or tag the subject with the prefix SPAM or your own custom tag.
  • Delete emails from blacklisted addresses.
  • Delete email attachments with dangerous file extensions such as “.vbs”.
  • Delete email with a blank “From” address or no sender.
  • Email new spam phrases to the spam filter to be included in the spam phase list.

On june 2010, Nicholas Vella allowed Jérôme De Cuyper to publish the source code on CodePlex and to rewrite the code from VB to C# which, right now, is a work in progress. Please contact us if you have any contribution to make!

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